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Zucchini Noodles with Chicken, Spinach and Parmesan

Having trouble with a gift idea for the breakfast lover in your life? Here are five ideas that will surely be a hit:

Belgian Waffle Maker - Who doesn't love waffles? Belgian waffles are definitely the way to go too. With the extra deep pockets they have, they are perfect for catching syrup, butter, powdered sugar, berries or whatever where their favorite waffle is. There are many Belgian waffle makers to choose from. If you have trouble making a decision on your own, consider Presto Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker. It is highly rated by consumers and has an affordable price tag to boot. Do you want to go high? Check out Waring Pro Professional Belgian Waffle Maker. It's a little more expensive but it gives you Belgian waffles with restaurant quality!

Gourmet Pancake Mixes and Syrups - Make a gift basket full of gourmet pancake mixes and syrups. There are many varieties to choose from. Finish the basket with a pancake ring to make perfectly shaped pancakes every time and a spatula to turn them around!

Breakfast cookbooks - How about a cookbook devoted entirely to their favorite meal of the day? It will surely be a hit and they will love having an endless supply of new ideas to try before breakfast. A couple of fantastic cookbooks with the theme of breakfast that you can check out are The Big Book of Breakfast: Serious Comfort Food for Any Time of the Day and Joy of Cooking: All About Breakfast and Brunch.

Panini Press - Panini's has gained popularity over the last decade. Who doesn't love a nice hot sandwich? While most people think of lunch or dinner when it comes to making panini, there are actually a lot of options for making delicious breakfast panini. You can even pair the panini press with a cookbook dedicated to all panini creations they could make with it.

Gift Certificate - Don't like to shop? How about a gift card for their favorite breakfast restaurant? IHOP, Denny's and other popular restaurant chains offer gift cards. Or buy them a gift card for a department store or kitchen specialty store so they can choose their own favorite appliances or accessories.

So as you can see, there are many creative ideas out there if you are looking for some inspiration to find the perfect gift for the breakfast lover in your life.