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Hair jewelry making is fun and easy as long as you follow the necessary safety guidelines. Even a resin labeled as & # 39; low odor & # 39; will still emit smoke and therefore it is always important that you wear the necessary safety equipment when handling resin.

In addition to the general safety guidelines described below, you must always read and understand the manufacturer's safety precautions that come with the product.

Working environment

The most important consideration when working with resin is that the room is well ventilated. If there is no exhaust fan, windows and doors should be opened to create air flow. This ventilation should remain for several hours after working with resin as the vapors remain and continue to be generated during the curing process. The work area should also be away from any normal living areas where other people or animals may be affected by vapors.

All obstacles in the room should be removed to prevent accidents and spills, and a layer of waxed paper placed on the work surface will catch spills and prevent the resin from penetrating and damaging the work surface.

A respirator

The respirator can be purchased from most hardware stores and must be worn while mixing, pouring and working with resin. The vapors produced by resin are harmful and therefore the respiratory filter must be designed to prevent vapors and not dust.

Disposable gloves

Latex disposable gloves must be worn while mixing and pouring resin to protect your skin. The latex gloves must be of the type used for medical, food handling or light cleaning, as other types of rubber gloves can allow the resin to penetrate the material and get on your hands.

barrier Cream

This can be used as an extra precaution to protect your skin and can be worn in addition to wearing disposable gloves. Barrier cream can be purchased from most pharmacies and will prevent the resin from sticking and therefore irritating the skin.

Glasses or glasses

Purchased from most hardware stores, glasses or goggles must always be worn when working with resin. A small drop or resin can damage the eyes, as well as the small particles produced by grinding the resin parts.

dust Masks

A dust mask must be worn when grinding the resin parts after curing, as the small airborne particles generated during grinding can damage the lungs. Dust masks can be purchased from most hardware stores.

After working with resin, your hands must be washed with soap and water and materials used must be disposed of properly.

Do not let these safety precautions scare or prevent you from making resin jewelry. They are there to make you safe and allow you to continue making resin jewelry while protecting your health.