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Up until a few years ago, molten ice cream jewelery was a small niche in the jewelery world, and in recent years molten glass jewelery has grown enormously in popularity. You can't miss these beautiful jewelry. If you've ever been to a craft fair, you've probably seen melted ice cream jewelery. The most common pieces are pendants and earrings.

One of the striking features of molten glass jewelry is the brilliant glittering colors that change as the light strikes the glass at different angles. The type of glass that causes this spark is called dichroic glass. These pendants and earrings are made by laying different pieces of glass on top of a base piece.

Then put the glass in an oven and set the oven to a specified temperature (ranging from an average of 1300-1500 degrees). The oven does all the work and is actually anywhere from 3-5 hours but you have to leave the glass in the oven until the temperature returns to room temperature. This usually takes an additional 4-6 hours. The glass melts either completely or partially (depending on the look you want). When the glass melts completely into each other, it is called a full fuse. When the pieces of glass hold the shape but adhere to each other, thanksgiving is called.

Your biggest investment in this craft is the oven, you can find decent ovens on eBay for about $ 350.00, they are on the small side but for jewelry you don't need anything bigger. Then you should have a mill. I found mine on Craigslist which is used for $ 20. New ones start at about $ 100.00. You also need a glass cutter. There are various cutters but they run about $ 25.00- $ 35.00. Then of course the glass, dichroic glass is very expensive. 1/2 pd will probably run at least $ 40.00, but should do 15-20 or more.

Usually you want to reshape the glass after the first firing in the oven. A glass grinder is the tool used to shape the glass. After the glass has been formed, break it again to make the edges you just sanded glossy. Then you add a bail and viola you have a beautiful custom made art to wear.