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How To Create Angel EarringsFree Diy Jewelry Projects | Learn how to make jewelery … #Angelrute #ohrringfrei #make …

Wood is not just for furniture! Rich natural colors and beautiful grains make wood a good material for making unusual jewelry. You do not need extensive woodworking skills or expensive tools - with a little ingenuity you can make lovely wooden beads and pendants with just a bow saw and some sandpaper.

Simple squares and rectangles made of wood can be polished and polished smoothly, making simple dramatic pieces that highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Exotic forests are also available in small quantities, suitable for jewelry, for less than a dollar.

If your conscience or budget forbids exotic hardwoods, even cheaper sustainable forests can make beautiful statements. Take for example a book, which has a warm red gold natural color and a chatoyant grain - chatoyancy is the shimmering, almost 3D quality seen in gemstones like tiger's eye.

Wood glue can be used to lubricate several types of wood together, which can then be cut to give a striped or inlaid effect.

If you feel more adventurous, you can paint or burn designs on your piece or even try inlay, either with another wood, with shells or mother of pearl, or with a material like InLace.

If you have access to a puzzle or a saw, you can do even more unusual shapes, or you can try carving to do something that is unique to you.

Jewelry finds can be glued to the piece, fixed by screwing or drilling, or the piece can be wound - the possibilities and combinations are endless.

If you want to create jewelry that is a little different, why not try one of these simple wooden jewelry projects?