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A cabochon is a type of decoration that has been smoothed out and rounded on one side and flattened on the other, so that it can be mounted very easily. Glue or other fixing material is placed on the flat side of the piece and then stuck to a support plate or other object. This type of decoration has been used for hundreds of years and is used throughout the world to create many amazing visual effects. Cabochons are used in many different things, from furniture decoration to jewelry. Many beautiful pendants can be created by homemakers using cabochons of various shapes, styles and materials. One of the most beautiful types of cabochon to work with is glass cabochons. Here's why glass is the best type to use in your amateur projects:

These pieces of glass are very versatile. They can be used in many different things, as mentioned above. Cabochons can be attached to trophies, furniture, pendants, plaques, invitations, books, boxes, wedding gifts and more. Smaller and larger sizes are also available, which means that there are even more things that these pieces of glass can be good for. Since they are available at wholesale prices, you can buy lots and try to use them in a variety of projects.

The look of luxury
Although it is possible to buy acrylic pieces that sparkle in the same way that glass pieces sparkle, they do not look as though they have the same luxury level. Stained glass cabochons can often be mistaken for semi-precious stones; but they do not have the same type of price tag attached to them. If you want something that looks like a gemstone pendant, but without having to pay a fortune for it, it's a great way to create a look at a fraction of the cost of buying a glass cabochon and fixing it to a silver effect support piece.

Strong and durable
Although glass is normally considered to be a fairly brittle material that can crack quite easily, these types of cabochons are very strong and durable compared to many other types of glass. Due to the shape of the piece, they can take more power than other glass forms without suffering from cracks or breakage. Dome-shaped objects are often noted for their strength. This means that they are a good choice for home made jewelry.

Rich colors
Due to the staining process used on glassware, the matrix colors available when you buy a glass of cabochon will stun you. Due to the way different materials take different colors, you will find very different shades to choose from than you would find if you chose from a selection of plastic items instead. The way glass reflects easily back is also very different, which helps to improve the "luxury" appeal of this material.