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These gold leaf boho earrings are from my Inka collection. I make them from polymer clay, gold leaf and gilded, hypoallergenic metal parts. >> Length: approx. 4.5 cm, lightweight >> Diameter: approx. 3 cm In my shop you can find

Making pearl jewelery can be a good hobby but apart from being a good hobby to learn it can also be a good money making company. Of course, pearl jewelery is easy to sell and easy to deliver, so you can also make a good business with this hobby.

Whether you are interested in making your own jewelry or if you intend to make a good company of this craft, you can actually start learning now. Making beaded jewelry can be simple and straightforward, especially if you love your finished products and especially if you put your interest and time into it. Here are some tips you may find useful when you start learning gems.

- Learn everything you can about making beads, the materials and the skills needed to make these beads into beautiful jewelry. You may also want to learn more about color coordinates so that you can also mix and match colored beads without making them flashy. When it comes to beads, people want to examine the colors you use, the type of beads you use as well as your design, so make sure you learn the basics before they even think about starting a complicated design that you may not be able to finish.

- Learn how to fix common problems in pearl work. A simple but frustrating problem that you may encounter in pearl work is not having enough material to finish a project. Of course, you can't always be sure you still get the same material if you want to go back to the store to buy more, so one thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have enough material to finish your project. Another common problem in pearl work that you may later encounter is how to fix knots on your projects. Sometimes it is inevitable to have knots on the thread or some splits on the thread and it is important that you have to learn to be patient with these little problems that can make your projects easily fall apart later, which of course, something you do not want.

- Find a good resource that can help you do better design and better projects as well. Having a good guide helps a lot in pearl work especially if you are still starting out and you later want to get into unique pearl design that you can sell to your friends and customers online. Of course, this hobby can be a great start to a good internet business and with a good guide to help you learn the basics and techniques of beadwork, you can actually make your own designs later that you can sell.

The Internet is actually a great place to sell your pearl projects. You can set up a website about your pearl products and sell them online. With the convenience of shipping with pearl bars, you can also cater to a global audience and even be able to run a pearl jewelry company online.