Chevron Friendship Bracelet/Candy Stripe Bracelet/String Bracelet/Woven Bracelet

Chevron Friendship Bracelet/Candy Stripe Bracelet/String Bracelet/Woven Bracelet

Pony beads are quite similar to seed beads. But they are not so small in size and they can be made from many different materials. In most cases, they are made of plastic or glass. Pony beads are suitable for a variety of projects and are very popular for children's and adult projects because they are easy to work with. Pony beads for jewelry making are available in different colors, shapes and finishes. Apart from jewelry, they can be used in children's crafts, ornaments and haircuts.

It was in the 19th century when the early explorers Lewis and Clark brought trade inventories of pony pearls to North America. These beads were not called pony beads until 1929. In 1929, the term pony beads was first used for these beads when delivered via Pony Express. Since then, these pearls have been used by girls and women to decorate shoes and clothing. They were used with a variety of other jewelry beads to design necklaces and bracelets.

In the UK, these beads are also known as thin beads because of their shape. If you look at these pearls today you will see that they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. With the extensive selection of pony beads to make jewelry available today it can sometimes be daunting to choose the right one for your jewelry needs.

These beads come in basic shapes like rounds and ovals to more complex shapes such as flowers and animals. There are theme formats available such as sports, medicine, music, transport, holidays, Christmas, etc. Those made of plastic are more popular than those made of glass. Christmas pony beads for jewelry making are available in red, white and green colors and in shapes such as Christmas trees, snowmen and Santa Claus.

These beads for jewelry can be transparent or opaque. The transparencies are very similar to glass beads and they also seem to be seamless and of good quality. You will also find those that have a metallic finish. If you want to add a touch of glitter or tinsel to your jewelry production project, you may want to consider those that have a glitter finish.

These beads come in different colors and are also inexpensive. They are quite easy to use even with children. While the opaque can be used by children to include in their craft and bead projects, transparent beads can be used to make woven solar panels for the window.