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Jewelry finds can serve the purely functional purpose of merging two ends of a bracelet or necklace together or as an earring post, a purely decorative purpose such as adding texture and glamor to both ends of a pearl, or the dual purpose of function and embellishment . Many jewelry finds are beautifully designed and attract the eye. The key is to choose the right bargain to complement a particular piece of jewelry, which means that a simple find style is sometimes best. Here are some options for gold filled jewelry finds, both minimal and detailed.

Gold filled pearl caps : Often in the form of flowers, gold-filled pearl hats also make cheap pearls look great. Be sure to check the size when buying. Bead caps have a mostly decorative function, but they also keep two beads from rubbing together, which can cause both beads to deteriorate.

Gold-filled crimp beads : Crimp beads and crimp protectors are jewelry designers' best friends at all levels. Small, hollow crimp beads can be used to separate other beads or to finish the ends of the jewelry instead of an unattractive knot. They also help secure locks.

Gold filled rings : Split rings are made of wire that goes around twice, like a small key ring, making the piece safer. Spring rings have a curved, hollow thread that fits into a hollow, circular tube and secured with a coil spring on the inside. Gold-filled suspension rings are available with either a closed or open attached ring.

Gold filled earrings bargain : There are many options in fine earrings because the structure of the bargain largely determines the structure of the finished piece. Types of gold filled earrings bargains include.

o Post bargains with a ball and open ring attached (make sure the earrings back are included)

o Round finding in the kidney earrings.

o Trout finds with a ball, a coil, a ball and a coil or an open loop.

Gold-filled lobster clamps : Also known as trigger fasteners, these fasteners are held closed by a spring, just like with spring rings. The lever is opened by pulling back on a small lever and closing by releasing the lever through a jump ring. Finds from lobster locks have attached open rings.

These small jewelry making parts are generally known as bargains come in thousands of varieties. Here I described some important important components and its use in creating beautiful jewelry.

For gold-filled bargains