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Cute Ear Piercing Ideas at – Rook Daith Hoop Ring Earrings Tragus Stud – #cute #Daith #Ear #Earrings

The popularity of steel jewelery today can be directly linked to its hardcore properties which makes it virtually indestructible. It's Superman of all metals. Stainless steel was discovered between 1900 and 1915, but there were efforts to collect the metal from 1821. While experimenting with metal alloys and their resistance to most acids, they came across a new combination that produced steel.

To do this, chrome must be used. A Frenchman named Berthier studied the iron matrix and the effects chromium had on it. He found that at least 10.5% chromium must be used to make the metals more durable. Later in 1872, another Frenchman, Brustlein, calculated that carbon (at least 0.15%) had to be mixed with chromium and iron to produce stainless steel.

For starters, steel was mostly used for industrial goods, such as car grills, appliances, railways, vehicles and lots of other commercial items. Later, jewelers began to see the value steel pieces could provide for those looking for eternal jewelry. In 1847, steel jewelry came in the form of watches. They were created by the Cartier dynasty in Paris, France, founded by Louis-Francois Cartier. These watches were created for their men's jewelry series.

People began to see more trends in stainless steel jewelry as the years went by. In the 1980s, steel bracelets, steel rings and earrings became readily available, among other things. The popularity of stainless steel watches, which were known to last for a very long time, may have affected the growth of steel in jewelry fashion. Not only are jewelry made from fashionable steel, but they are recommended by doctors for patients who have allergic reactions to nickel, which is found in sterling silver and gold lower than 14k.

Stainless steel is often compared to gold because the two are long and radiated. Of course, stainless steel jewelry lasts gold with gold because they are immune to many more elements including time itself. Jewelry collectors looking for a non-mainstream look have chosen stainless steel rings and bracelets over sterling silver and gold. Compared to sterling silver, steel has a darker silver gray color. More and more people are starting to lean more towards steel, especially for men's jewelry. There are various types of jewelry made of steel jewelry, such as hot-rolled, cold-rolled, brushed, reflective, mirror, pearl blasting, heat-colored, satin, naturally abrasive and light-annealed. They are classified under different types, which are numbered series between 100 and 600.

There are more jewelers selling steel for women's and men's product lines, which include bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches, ankles and earrings. Stainless steel is more popular than ordinary metals because of its lifetime warranty. Steel is by far one of the most sought after metals, not only in jewelery, but also in housing, construction, decoration and other industries that require long-lasting materials.