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What are lava beads

They are a new type of jewelry making gemstone that is becoming increasingly popular. Everyone who makes and sells home-made jewelry should try some. The inexpensive stone is surprisingly lightweight, making the current fashion for large chunky jewelry, comfortable to wear. The chic usually black beads are also available in many different shapes and sizes that allow for creative designs. Some are even colored brown and others are lighter in color.

How they were born

Lava beads began life as molten stone above 1000 degrees Celsius. It requires this high temperature and enormous pressure to cause rocks to melt under an active volcano. Most rocks deep in the earth are not molten. This melted rock flips out of the volcanic volcano and flows into streams until cooler air freezes. Sometimes the flow can go as fast as 30 km / h in steep slopes and reach tens of kilometers, destroying everything in its path. But usually it moves less than 1 km / hour, giving people time to move out of the way.


Lava beads promote strength and fertility. Creating stability during changing times, driving away anger - and helping one understand a problem to get back to a stronger position. A very foundation stone that strengthens our connection to Mother Earth.

Lava pearl jewelry

Beads from these stones make very unusual jewelry. These unusual black beads are used as pendants or parts of a necklace, and style and mystery are noticed when worn. When admiring lava pearl jewelry, people will ask, "What is it made of?" This ensures that the mystery and power of all volcanoes are in your design!

Design lava pearl jewelry

Take advantage of how light these beads weigh and try making long earrings to match the big lava beads for necklaces and bracelets. Mix different sizes and shapes to make the design interesting. Since most are jet-black, they fit well with any color or clothing style, making them more appealing and easier to sell. By their nature, these pearls create a down-to-earth rustic style - perfect for "wild" outdoor jewelry, especially for late-year or Halloween. And since most are large and powerful in one design, you need fewer beads to make your piece, which saves money.

Lava pearl finish

Although they look rough with small holes and cracks, most of these beads are polished to feel smooth, making your jewelry comfortable to wear.