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As crime and drug addiction increase, the risks of antique and estate jewelery appear to be just around your home. It will be a nightmare and you just feel that you are not sure what to do.

Here are some quick tips, but not comprehensive. If you have special circumstances, it may be profitable to go one step further and get professional advice.


If you collect antique jewelry and your collection has grown to more than & # 39; Just a couple of rings & # 39; you will have a double-edged sword to deal with.

First, you have two problems.

* You are an active buyer, so people know who you are.

* The insurance has posted & # 39; Premium & # 39; through the roof.

Personally, we just hate to see items that have been collected and never worn.
Jewelry was made to decorate, so if you can, wear them.

But remember, this is an open ad for the whole world that you have & # 39; Do you have any jewelry & # 39; home. It pays to be a little conscious!


Your Home & Content Policy & # 39; GENERAL & # 39; does NOT cover your personal jewelry over a certain amount (this varies from company to company). Plus if you had to claim, the insurance company can take a & # 39; premium & # 39; from you (say $ 100) that they would deduct from the final payment.

The remaining value may not cover an item in your collection, but alone it & # 39; sentimental & # 39; value linked to your personal favorites.

So you have to list all items individually and get an insurance valuation certificate as well. Since & # 39; Sentimental & # 39; the value does not apply, only the reimbursement costs, you need to make sure that your qualified gemologist / jeweler / evaluator understands why you are doing an evaluation in the first place.

This can be expensive because professional assessments usually cost a flat & # 39; Take-in & # 39; price of about $ 20 plus a sliding scale fee of about one percent of the final value.

In an article, about $ 1000 is valued, that fee is $ 10 + $ 20 take-in or $ 30 total. This is only for ONE article. Valuation valuations can cost up to $ 60 bucks or more so if you have a small collection you may need a small fortune just to keep up with current prices.

BIGGER your collection - BIGGER your cost!

But if you don't want a good outlay you might just be able to take advantage of the useful & # 39; Do-it-yourself & # 39; Online self-assessment kit for jewelry in the online jewelry evaluation center at the address below, which is a good alternative.

This ONLINE database system calculates everything for you and prints a descriptive certificate and is hundreds of times more accurate and accurate than your local street jewelers & # 39; scribbled stationery.

At such a low fee, money is well spent. If you only bought something at eBay or Yahoo auctions, for example, you might just want to confirm an approximate value by using this easy-to-use DIY valuation package.

Suppose you recently bought something from a local retailer at the market or antique fair, why not get it checked. What's the worst that could happen? For less than the price of a Big Mac and Coke, it's a bargain, plus there are many other benefits to having your jewelry done at the Online Jewelry Appraisal Center.

Your valuations should be reassessed every couple of years as the price of gold and silver changes, as does the price of diamonds and gems and antiques in particular.

We offer an excellent reminder service for anyone who completes a & # 39; Do-it-yourself & # 39; Online self-assessment kit for jewelry with us. Only this is worth the small fee as it frees you from the problem.

But keep in mind that if your jewelry is lost or stolen, the insurance cover will only help you replace your tax with any of the & # 39; COMPARISON & # 39; value.

It can't buy you & # 39; feeling & # 39; and it can't buy you another Georgian Chatelaine to exactly replace the one you had. You may be able to get a new & # 39; Similar & # 39; but still, and it is better than a few dollars or so, you may have received from the homeowner's policy.

It pays to have a current certificate. I can't stress that enough.

If you are unsure, talk to your trusted insurance company.

But even if it's only for & # 39; peace of mind & # 39 ;, the small price (less than a movie ticket) is well worth the effort.

It's really a no-brainer.

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