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How to make cool bracelets even if you are not so "cool"! If you have thought of a fantastic new hobby and maybe cool bracelets have been remembered, you may want to read on. Years ago, I met an older antique dealer in New York in an antique show.

I looked over her goods and fell in love with the small parts and pieces she had to make jewelry from. Since then I have made brooches, bracelets and necklaces from these parts I bought from her. Just the process of finding pieces and then creating a work of art from them is very rewarding and can bring fun and joy back into your life.

Some tips I want to share with you have changed the process to a simpler one for me. Buy a good set of jewelry tools if you can. My first set I got at Sears and they were good for a beginner but I needed harder seaweed. I bought a wonderful German set and they have kept me for more than 15 years. You can find these on jewelry tool websites.

The next tip is that if you can't solder your pieces together, you need the right glue. I strongly support a glue called "GOOP" or E-6000. This is the same glue with a different brand and it lasts for over 20 years. I think you will probably get bored with your pieces before then, but still so that you can glue them again for another 20 years. This glue takes a little getting used to, but that's it to use. I tried superglue ... it fell apart, two parts epoxy, it also fell apart.

If you like making bracelets I would also offer this tip. It's fun to create charm bracelets and add your special pieces to it. You can solder a ring to a piece or glue the special pieces to something with a ring and then attach it to the bracelet. The rings, and this is very important, must be sufficiently robust and must be closed properly. You have to open the ring and push the charm, push the ring through the sturdy chain bracelet and close the ring together so that there are no gaps in the ring. If you leave a gap in the ring, this can get into clothing and pull the ring apart.

If you have a nearby jeweler with a torch, you can let him solder your charm on the bracelet. I also have another option, you can also use a shared ring. This is a ring that has already overlapped and you put your charm on it and then push it on your bracelet and there is no gap to worry about. No soldering is needed. I hope this helped some ... it's fun to do brooches too.

Collecting small vintage pieces is fun and you can create some wonderful vintage brooches for yourself and friends as well. I would offer this little tip to you. Buy a good sturdy bass bit and then chop on your collection. Use a good sturdy buckle and use the E6000 glue to secure it. How fun. Enjoy and I'll be back for more tips on how to make cool bracelets and ideas for setting results and jewelry ideas.