Rue Gembon Amara Gold Earrings

Rue Gembon Amara Gold Earrings

Jewelry bracelets are a great way to store your valuable jewelry. They can protect it from intruders, sticky fingers, and little ones who would rather play with mum's toys than their own. But they also add a lot of style to the home, and there are many options for where to put them. If your bedroom is large enough, you will probably keep it there, but a small or overcrowded bedroom does not have to stop you from having the armoire you want to keep your jewelry and other valuable items in.

If the corridor is wide enough, the armory can be set outside the bedroom. This makes it easy to access if you dress. If you set the armoire outside the bedroom, get a model that has a mirror built into the lid on the top. This will prevent you from having to run back and forth to see which piece of jewelry looks best with a particular dress or suit.

Jewelry arms can also be placed in the master bathroom if you have the room there for it. This is a good idea when there are small children in the home who spend a lot of time in mom and dad's bedroom. You can turn it off and keep it a little safer. Be careful not to place it next to the tub or shower, as the moisture from the tub and shower can damage wood over time. This works best in a bathroom that has two separate areas for dressing and bathing.

Armoires can also be placed in a wardrobe for easy access and more security. They will not be in sight if repair or maintenance people are present, and they are also hidden from small hands. You can also put your armoire in an extra bedroom if it allows you to get a larger one for all your jewelry.

Jewelry bracelets are also a great place to store keepsakes, gold coins, valuable photographs and even lingerie. The large drawers on the bottom are handy for bracelets, jewelery that you keep in a box or other larger items that you do not want to sit outside. If you keep your armoire sitting in the corridor outside your room, you can put some photographs or a picture of flowers on top of it to make it less visible.