Rue Gembon – Rue Gembon Aliyah Gold Earrings #diamondearrings

Rue Gembon – Rue Gembon Aliyah Gold Earrings #diamondearrings

Misspelled name - Always confirm the spelling of names. Don't trust your memory. So many names have different spellings. Example: Terry or Teri or Terrie and continue.

The wrong date - This is the same as the number one mistake. Always get it in writing before we engrave it. Remember that engraving cannot be erased.

Engraving is like printing - Wrong! Engraving, we use diamonds to plow the surface, as a farmer plows his fields. Or we use lasers to burn off a layer of the surface of the engraving material. None of these engraving processes add ink to the surface. Note: There are other engraving processes, but diamond drawing and laser are the most common.

All metal surfaces can be engraved - The answer is no. A rough metal surface is almost impossible to see the engraving. The roughness competes with the engraving. Many metal surfaces, especially gifts, are also plated. Most of the plated surfaces will engrave OK. Once in a while they have poor plating. The bad plating is only revealed when it is engraved. The bad place, the plating peels up. This only happens about 5% of the time.

Assumption of what you have cannot be engraved - We've all taken gifts to a price store so they can say, "It can't be engraved." They suggest that no one can engrave it. In reality - They can't engrave it. Many times it can be engraved by another company. A good example is clocks. Manufacturing loves to put all types of markings on the back and leaves almost no room for engraving. We get around this by engraving on an arch, many times around the edge.

Engraving is too expensive - Yes, it's too expensive - if you take it to a jewelry store. Most jewelry stores do not engrave. They send it out. The jewelry store and engraver both need to make money. It is best to go to an engraver first. Save some money. In addition, all your concerns can be given directly to the engraver, not conveyed by jeweler's notes.

Lack of choice of engraving - Most small prices and engraving sites have limited opportunities. Do your research. Ask what the engraving choices are for your engraving job. Ask for testimonials from the engravers' customers. If they have nothing, keep searching for an engraving.

It takes forever to get something engraved - Yes, if you take it to a jewelry store. They have to send it out and time passes. By taking your engraving job directly to an engraving, it is possible to transport the time between the jeweler and the engraver (both ways). Deal right away!

It can be buffered and engraved if - The answer is (yes and no). Solid metals such as gold or silver can be buffed out and engraved again. But most jewelry and gift items are plated. When buffered, the plated surface is removed and exposed to the core metal. The piece is then destroyed. Gold pieces that are solid gold will have a die cut of 10kt, 14kt, etc. Silver will have stamped Sterling Silver. These objects can be buffed out and engraved again. Almost everything else cannot be buffered. Another trick to say if it can be buffered is the price of the item. If it's cheap - It's plated. If it is expensive, it is more likely that it is solid metal and can be buffed out and engraved again.

The goal is to have a positive experience by digging your gift or award. A little knowledge can increase your chances of success. Happy engraving!