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Summer Bracelets / Beaded Bracelets with Words / DIY Bracelets / Colorful Bracelets … #armbander #bunte #beads #summer #words

Jewelry adds a spark or that finishing touch to the wardrobe and now personal jewelry is beginning to stand on its own as an important trend. Actually several trends at once!

So what are personalized jewelry? Customization does not just mean a monogram of a person's name anymore. Many craftsmen in the jewelry world are happy to place orders one-of-a-kind for people who allow a gift that is nothing if not personal. In addition, charm bracelets, birthstone pieces and original mother jewelry are the most popular types of personalized jewelry today.

As the niche has literally exploded in recent years, here are the top six trends in personal jewelry, as well as each category's biggest fans.

Charm bracelet and necklace

For the younger generation, it is becoming increasingly popular to create and wear charm bracelets and charm necklaces. Any charm can be easily added or removed so that jewelry can be changed as quickly as the teen's mind. Pearl shops are a huge fashion in shopping malls and even college towns, where young adults can find thousands of unique charms and pearls to create their own jewelry, update older pieces as they did, or enhance store-bought jewelry.

Personalized gifts from the coming age

Age gifts are often customized with monograms and can be engraved with a special date (debut, sixteen, graduation, etc.) which makes jewelry a reminder of the event for many years to come. Pearls can also be treated with personalization with a small label or charm attached to the lock with room for initials or the year. These gifts offer a more "adult" range of jewelry options for those who are moving into adulthood.

Classic name bracelets and jewelry for baby names

For some, a name necklace is a wonderful item. Popular in the 1980s and recently popularized by Hollywood stars, these necklaces create a personal statement in a name. These names are available in lots of styles from simple gold scripts to snazzy rhinestones. This is the most classic type of personalized jewelry and is most popular with young teens. However, new moms also like this style because they can monogram their baby names. This trend has become known as "baby name jewelry." "

Personalized wedding bracelets

Wedding party gifts engraved with the date serve to remind you of the appreciation for attending the special event. Cuff bracelets or simple pendant necklaces are a great way to integrate a thank you with an engraved reminder, while other couples choose individual gifts for each person in the bridal party.

Baby shower gifts for both the bride to be and mom to be can be very personalized. A charm bracelet like Pandora bracelet is a more sophisticated way of displaying ornamental items from previous days with room to add for days to come. There are even jewelry options for the child on the way and these beautiful pieces can usually also be monogrammed. Some showers even give out personalized bracelets to the attendees as a memory for their participation in this fun occasion.

The new friendship bracelet

In the past, friends wove bracelets for each other with string and plastic. Now they tailor design pieces with professional techniques. This trend also spreads to baby showers. How it works for these showers is for each friend to bring a gem, stone or charm that is special to them and represents the guest of honor in some way. These gifts are collected to create a very personal bracelet or necklace, sure to give smiles every time it is worn.

Mom jewelry

I have discussed how mothers are passionate about jewelry for their baby name. Another popular type of mother jewelry is jewelry from birthright. These can be created as rings, bracelets or necklaces and can be as unique as the ladies who wear them. Next to the first class painted macaroni necklace, it is surely one of mum's favorites, and one that can even be worn for a nice evening out.